Mkono Hay Feeder Hay Rack Manager

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  • Ideal hay feeder for your baby pet. It would suit a rabbit, guinea pig, Chinchilla or other small animals.
  • The Mkono Hay Feeder features a specially designed metal grate which holds hay in place. It is suitable to manage your hay and retains a generous supply of hay in a clean, organized bin style feeder. This allows you to minimize hay waste.
  • The Mkono Hay Feeder is made of hard and quality plastic and metal. It is non-toxic, durable and long-lasting. The pet feeder is also has a steel edge to prevent your pet from chewing.
  • You can easily attach the feeder directly to any wire cage and position it anywhere where your little animal would prefer.
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2inch length, 3 1/2inch width, 7 3/8inch high.
  • The hay feeder also has a back lock and its diameter approx 5/8in, please pay attention to the measurement picture and check your cage size whether it fits or not.
  • Ideal  Mkono is a registered trademark.


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