Choco Nose 2-in-1 Food Bowl and Non-Drip Water Bottle Set

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This is a 2-in-1 non-drip water bottle and removable food bowl set produced by Choco Nose. It is suitable for use for small animals. This would be appropriate for bunny rabbits, cats, small-sized dogs, puppies (8-17 lb) and Chinchillas.

Water Bottle

The water bottle comes with a small-sized leak-proof nozzle (13 mm). This is U.S. Patented and reduces or prevents leakages. This avoids wet or messy cages. It is BPA-Free/ 11.2oz or 330Ml Capacity. 

However, the water bottle is NOT recommended for hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets or rats.

Simple and easy installation: The water bottle uses a screw-on bracket that is user friendly to pet owners. As a result, you can easily snap the water Bottle on or off whenever you want to clean or refill the water. 

Pet owners can also switch the bottle to most regular sized PET bottles (Soda Bottle).

Food Feeder

The food bowl is in the shape of a mini heart, making it a cute-looking container for your pet to eat from. It is able to hold approximately 8 Ounces of Food, Treats or Water.

Bowl Dimension: 5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″. BPA Free Material: Durable, Does Not Twist, Turn, or Spill Over.

User-Friendly: You can easily attach or adjust the food feeder to a Pet Carrier, Travel Kennel or Small Animal Wire Cage.

Note: The Diameter of the Screw is 1cm.

Easy to Clean: The Mini Heart Pet Bowl is Dishwasher Safe but should only be used on the top rack when you are washing. 


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