Our Does

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Broken Orange Holland Lop
A rabbitry favorite amongst our brood does, Arizona’s babies are always sought after. She produces extremely friendly and sweet kits who inherit her gentle and laidback temperament. Her babies are just beautiful. Arizona is our only wideband doe and also one of our only 2 broken patterned does.


Black Tort Holland Lop
A slightly newer brood doe to our rabbitry. She is Smokey’s granddaughter and carries tort, cream, blue and opal in her pedigree. Hoping for some great litters from Ms Bella this year.


Broken Black Tort 
Cascade is a very beautiful broken tort doe. She comes from Camelot & Dubois lines and both her and her mother have done very well on the show table receiving first place and gaining several legs. We expect Cascade’s babies to inherit her nicely shaped ears and full width as well as her gentle and playful temperament.


Broken Blue Torted Otter Holland Lop
Chloe has a nice head and ear placement. She always produces very pretty and well typed babies.


Sable Point Holland Lop
Cinnabun is a wonderful mother who has litter sizes ranging from 3-7 kits. She enjoys playing in the snow in the winter time and making bunny binky tracks while eating carrot tops.


Orange Holland Lop
Clementine is a beautiful and big orange doe. She is such a good mom and always takes wonderful care of her little ones. She carries Dombrowskee, JC Critters and CR&DB winning lines, and is a wonderful addition to our wideband breeding program.


Blue Vienna Marked Holland Lop
Demi is our beautiful blue-eyed bunny. She has been such a good mama to her litters and produces some stunning blue eyed whites (BEWs) and Vienna marked offspring.


Broken Tort Holland Lop
Destiny is a beauty out of Hertz Holland’s Tinkerbelle and Maple Ridge’s Mufasa. With extremely well typed rabbits in her lineage, we’re excited for her to produce some great looking offspring.


Tort Holland Lop
Eclipse will be one year old this September and is our latest tort herd doe. She is a chunk of a Holland Lop out of Maple Ridge’s Mufasa and Rose Farm’s Noel, carrying Camelot, Dubois and DTL lines.  She’s got a very wide chest, nice top line, thick bone and poses extremely nicely.  With her sweet personality, we are so thrilled for her to be expecting her first litter for us later this month.


Black Tort Vienna Marked Holland Lop

Harriet is our Vienna Marked black tort. She has a spunky and fun personality. She loves her outdoor play time and running around with her bunny friends, and when it comes to raising her litters she is a wonderful and nurturing mother. She carries Cranberry Trails and Callin All Holland Lops lines.


Broken Black Tort
Jamboree is such a nicely typed doe with excellent width, bone and muscle mass. She has a very sweet and gentle personality too. From Dream Bunnies and Maple Ridge lines, she carries chocolate and is sure to make some stunning and adorable babies!


Squirrel Netherland Dwarf
Kenna’s pedigree includes chinchilla, lilac, blue otter, chestnut and smoke pearl. She is a junior doe who is sure to be a great pairing with any of our Netherland bucks.


Blue Holland Lop
Lucy is a very nice deep blue doe and we love her thick and full ears.  She comes from a great line of show winning bunnies.


Black Magpie
What a gorgeous Black Magpie our herd doe Marble is! She has such a sweet and gentle disposition. She loves posing for and being cuddled by anyone who will pay attention to her. She is a Vienna Carrier and has lilac, chocolate and sable magpie behind her.  She also carries Harlequin, shown by her distinct and beautiful face.


Blue Torted Otter Holland Lop
Maxi is very sweet and has a gorgeous coat, traits that she passes onto her babies. She is the solid version of her broken patterned half sister Chloe.


Siamese Sable Holland Lop
Simone carries sable point and Harlequin in her pedigree making her a wonderful doe for breeding with our broken frosty and sable point bucks. She is a shy doe but loves it when we feed her kale and parsley.


Tort Holland Lop
Thumpa is our beloved and special free roam house bunny. She is the friendliest and sweetest bunny anyone could ask for with a heart of gold. She is a great listener, loves going on walks with her leash and is perfecting her show jumping/obstacle skills.