Our Sales Policy

Set out below are our Sales Policy (aka our Terms and Conditions of Sales). We conduct all sales in accordance with Cottontail Creek Rabbitry’s Terms and Conditions regardless of whether the buyer has read it or not. By inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit from Cottontail Creek Rabbitry, you are agreeing to comply with our Sales Policy in its  entirety. Our Sales Policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Prices and payment

  • We will list bunnies from upcoming or current litters that are available to buy for show, brood or pet with his or her photograph(s) for sale. We will list these on our website on our Upcoming Litters page and/or on our Facebook rabbitry page.
  • You may reserve a bunny with a $50 non-refundable deposit. The deposit ($50 per bunny) goes towards the full cost of the purchase price.
  • Anyone sending a deposit must be over the age of 18.
  • After placing a deposit, if Cottontail Creek Rabbitry contacts the buyer to offer a bunny for adoption and and no communication is received back from the buyer to confirm, it will be assumed the buyer does not want a bunny and has decided to forfeit it. Again, the deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Once you have reserved a bunny with a deposit, you may request updates on the bunny and additional photos or video. We know how exciting it is to wait for your new family member, so we try to accommodate within reason.
  • The balance you owe on the bunny is due in full by the day of scheduled pick up.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

We accept payments made through the following methods:

  • Zelle (Chase Quick Pay) (phone: 847-532-2140)
  • PayPal. (email: cottontailcreekrabbitry@gmail.com)

At this time we do not accept any other payment forms.

To make a deposit payment to reserve your bunny, please visit our payments page here.

  • We are unable to hold a rabbit for anyone until it has been partially paid for with a deposit.
  • Prices are fixed and non-negotiable.
  • You must pay for the rabbit in full before leaving our ownership. Until this time, the rabbit remains the property of Cottontail Creek Rabbitry.


Pick up and transport

  • We operate a closed rabbitry for the biosecurity of our herd bunnies and bunnies for sale.
  • Pickup of purchased bunnies takes place on the porch or driveway of the rabbitry.
  • Our rabbitry is located in North Plainfield, west of Route 59 and near Route 30.

  • We will provide you with our exact rabbitry address once you have confirmed pick and made payment in full in order to maintain our protection and privacy.
  • It is your responsibility as the buyer to bring a suitable carrier to transport the new bunny home.
  • Cottontail Creek Rabbitry is not responsible for any injury, illness, or death of the rabbit after it leaves our care and while being transported. These circumstances are out of our control.
  • We do not guarantee the gender of the purchased bunny under the age of 6 months. We do sex the baby bunnies around 4-5 weeks old and again right before pick up day. We are about 95% accurate in determining if it is a buck or doe. However, occasionally a rabbit will surprise us weeks or months down the road when they have developed enough to be examined by a vet.
  • If the buyer cannot pick up the bunny on the scheduled pickup day, they must notify us within 24 hours to reschedule. If a buyer fails to show up, we will re-list bunny for sale and no refund will be given.
  • Please note there are no bathroom facilities available to buyers, so please plan ahead accordingly.

Refunds and exchange

  • We do not offer refunds, replacements or exchanges.
  • If you place a deposit on a bunny and change your mind prior to pick up day, we are unable to refund the deposit.
  • If the buyer backs out of a sale after having paid in full for the rabbit, we unfortunately will not be able to provide any refund.
  • Show and Pet quality rabbits:– If at any point in the life of the rabbit, the buyer is no longer able to keep him/her, we require that they notify us. We will take the rabbit back to either live out its days with us or re-home without refund. We do not want any of our bunnies to end up at an animal shelter or worse.
  • Brood rabbits:- If the buyer no longer wishes to keep the rabbit at any point in its life, we hold the right of first refusal. This allows the rabbit to come back to our rabbitry for breeding if we choose to buy it back.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell any rabbit to any person for any reason at any time.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any sale for any reason at any time.


Brood quality animals must keep their full pedigree names given to them by their original breeder. In most cases this is Cottontail Creek Rabbitry.

Brood quality animals produced by Cottontail Creek Rabbitry must keep the herd prefix CC before their name. This includes names on pedigrees of the animals in question in addition to the pedigrees of their future offspring. Rabbits are sold as-is. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check over the rabbit before purchase. We do not offer pedigrees with any pet quality rabbits. Pet quality rabbits are sold under the strict understanding that they will not be used for breeding under any circumstances.



All rabbits are guaranteed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. It is your responsibility to check the rabbit over for any health issues at the time of pickup. Once it leaves the rabbitry premises, the rabbit’s health and well being is your responsibility. We do not guarantee health, show placings, weight, fertility, how well a rabbit will produce, or temperament, despite our best efforts at giving them the best start or quality of life when in our care. Once the rabbit leaves our care, we cannot make any health guarantee. This is because rabbits are very sensitive and unpredictable animals by nature. Cottontail Creek Rabbitry is not responsible for how the new owner chooses to take care of the rabbit. Nor for any mistakes the buyer makes in the care, handling, and health of the animal.

In the event a rabbit gets sick or does not act the way the new owner expects it to, we do not offer refunds, returns or replacements. Cottontail Creek Rabbitry will not be held responsible for any outcome, including death of the animal once the new owner has taken possession of the animal.

  • If you are concerned for your bunny’s health, or in an emergency, it is up to the owner whether or not to seek veterinary care. We will always encourage you to err on the side of caution. Rabbits tend to hide their symptoms when sick until the very end. Onset of symptoms can appear quickly and can be fatal if not addressed.
  • Cottontail Creek Rabbitry is not responsible for any veterinary fees incurred at any point during the life of the animal.


We guarantee the sex of senior rabbits (over 6 months of age).

If there are concerns about the bunny when it is adjusting to its new home (or later), we encourage you to contact us. We can try to help with providing advice or direct you to educational articles found on our website or elsewhere.

  • If an owner purchases a bunny to add as a friend or playmate to an existing house rabbit(s), we do not guarantee that the animals will get along or bond.
  • If you purchase more than one pet bunny from us with the goal of bonding them, we cannot guarantee its success. We do try our best to match bunnies from litters that have played together, or are already litter mates and seemingly compatible.
  • If a male or female pet bunny is purchased from us, it is the owner’s sole responsibility to have them spayed/neutered by a rabbit savvy pet (in most cases an exotic veterinarian) for the health and safety of the animal(s). We do not allow pet bunnies to be sold as breeding animals.

Included with the rabbit

  • All buyers of brood or pet quality rabbits are provided with a bag of transition feed.
  • All brood rabbits come with a pedigree.

Our Sales Policy was last updated on 23 May 2020.


We encourage all buyers to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about their rabbit at any point in the animal’s life. Please contact us at mail@cottontailcreekrabbitry.com or by using the contact form below. We will do out best to respond as quickly as possible.

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