Our Bucks

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Broken Torted Otter Holland Lop
Archie is like a playful puppy who wants to follow you around the whole day. He’s made some beautiful babies and he’s one of our rabbitry favorites.


Black Otter Netherland Dwarf
Ashe has a special place in our rabbitry as he was our very first breeding bunny. He loves his free roam time, enjoys watching tv with us and chowing down on parsley.

Big Boy

Broken Black Holland Lop
Big Boy is our resident teddy bear i.e., a bunny who loves being held and giving snuggles. He loves his outdoor play time and accompanying us on trips to Dunkin’ Donuts in the car.


Broken Blue Holland Lop
Bouncer is the backbone of our rabbitry and the oldest of our herd bucks. He was our very first Holland Lop breeding buck. He has a beautiful coat, comes from a wonderful lineage and holds a show leg. All his babies have his sweet personality.


Vienna Marked Blue Eye Blue Tort Buck
Chase is one of Demi’s offspring and a descendant from our foundation buck, Bouncer. We really love his Vienna gene markings and white “socks”. We hope he will help produce some stunning Vienna Marked babies and they inherit his laid back and gentle but playful personality.


Broken Chestnut Netherland Dwarf
Eddy is a very handsome, well-typed fella with a gentle and cuddly personality. He comes from a lineage of very successful show bunnies that each won multiple legs. He holds a leg himself.


Broken Magpie Holland Lop
He’s a very compact boy and has the sweet personality, nice ears and crown of his dad, Bouncer.


Black Tort Holland Lop
Mando is a black tort buck out of Camelot’s Davinci and A&K Country Bunnies. His lineage includes many show placing rabbits from Camelot and Quiet Creek rabbitries. He has a nice crown and has a lot of growing to do still, but shows a lot of promise. We have him paired to breed with complementary does in our herd such as Destiny, Eclipse and Lucy.


Sable Point Holland Lop
He’s a very laid back bunny that is an old soul but is very young at heart.  He makes really nice babies, especially when bred to our Sable Point or Siamese Sable Does.


Opal Holland Lop
Smokey is our only Canadian bunny and is just the calmest buck ever. He carries a very interesting and varied pedigree, including blue frosty and solid gold tipped black steel.


Solid Blue Tort Holland Lop
Spencer is the picture perfect image of a true dwarf and he’s a compact little guy to prove it. He has a friendly personality and enjoys being groomed and loved on with head rubs.


Cream Holland Lop
Toast is one of our foundation bucks.  He originally hails from Colorado’s Lap Lop Rabbitry and comes from a wonderful line of show winning bunnies, including 2 Grand Champions.   His crown, ears, thick bone and wide chest  make him an extremely well typed buck. He loves to nap, is often found snoring in his cage and loves getting head rubs.


Orange Holland Lop
Sweet, energetic and loving are the first words that come to mind to describe Mr Waffles. He is the first to greet us with bunny kisses when it’s feeding time. He loves his greens and banana slice treats.