About Us

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Hi, I’m Beth, the owner of Cottontail Creek Rabbitry.  I’m an animal lover and professional musician, and also teach piano and violin at my music studio.  

Together with my eldest daughter, we run a small scale rabbitry with about 16 breeding bunnies. Holland lops are our main breeding focus but we also breed Netherlands dwarf rabbits too.

Our bunny story

We first fell in love with the two breeds when my son wanted a bunny as a pet. At the time, we didn’t know much about the different breeds. We bought him a Netherland dwarf, a black otter buck he named Ashe.

As you can imagine, my younger daughter wanted a pet bunny of her own.  She picked out and fell in love with a cute black tort doe Holland lop whom she named Thumpa. She is a free roam bunny whom my daughter takes on walks, teaches tricks to, comes when called by name, and generally acts like a puppy. Thumpa is completely house trained except she never has that wet dog smell! 


Well one thing led to another. Shortly after bringing Thumpa home, we developed a love and passion for raising quality bunnies. Since then we’ve never looked back! 

We’ve seen first-hand the positive effects of having a bunny as a therapy animal. We’ve also experienced the sheer joy of watching a bunny binky, and providing snuggles just when you need it. We wanted to raise therapy bunnies in the hope of helping other families too.

What we do at Cottontail Creek Rabbitry

Our breeding bunnies live in our rabbitry attached to our home. It is fully enclosed, heated and air conditioned and leads to a large grassy enclosed yard. There, the bunnies enjoy plenty of outdoor play time when the weather allows. 

The bunnies come in the house for socialization and play time regularly, and we give new litters lots of attention. They are used to people handling them by the time they are ready to be adopted to new homes from 8 weeks old.

The colors we work with include self (black. blue, chocolate), agouti, wideband, tan, broken varieties and blue eyed Vienna marked.

Cottontail Creek Rabbitry are members of ARBA and the HLRSC. We are proud that our homegrown bunnies are all bred from quality, show-winning lines that have good type and our herd stock have experience on the show table. 

Most of the bunnies we sell go to homes in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. Iowa and Michigan. We are a closed rabbitry in order to protect the health of our bunnies, as well as the privacy of my family. 

Pick up of bunnies takes place outside our Plainfield rabbitry location. We are also happy to bring a bunny to a show when we have arranged an exchange prior to the show date. We do not currently ship bunnies or work with transport when selling a pet bunny.

We’d love to keep in touch with you and hear how your adopted bunnies are getting on. We’d also love to let you know when the latest bunnies are born in case you’re interested to adopt one, and any other news. 

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