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We are a small, family-run rabbitry located in Plainfield Illinois, a suburb 45 minutes west of Chicago. We currently breed Holland lops and Netherlands dwarf bunnies for show and pets.

At Cottontail Creek Rabbitry, our main breeding focus are our Holland lops. We strive to breed rabbits with excellent type that conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection, and most importantly, are gentle and have good temperament.

Here at Cottontail Creek Rabbitry, we raise our bunnies from birth. We give them plenty of social interaction with children, cats and other pets as well as generous amounts of love and attention.  Our bunnies are part of our family, and we have several free roam bunnies as pets in addition to our breeding stock.

It is our hope that any rabbits we raise going to a pet home will bring joy as part of its new family. Our bunnies have certainly brought us many hours of life, laughter and happiness.

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Welcome to Eclipse

Eclipse will be one year old this September and is our latest tort herd doe. She is a chunk of a Holland Lop out of Maple Ridge’s Mufasa and Rose Farm’s Noel, carrying Camelot, Dubois...

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Welcome to the herd Destiny!

If this be my Destiny…! Meet our newest doe that has joined our breeding herd. Destiny is a young senior and a broken tort doe. She is a beauty out of Hertz Holland’s Tinkerbelle and...

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What our clients are saying

Would highly recommend this rabbitry.

We’re so happy we found Cottontail Creek Rabbitry. We just love our 2 new additions to our family. Payment, choosing the bunnies, pickup, information given and of course the sweet healthy lil new friends we have…made the process pleasant and smooth. Would highly recommend this rabbitry.

Khara - Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

2 April 2020

If you’re in need of a rabbit definitely go to Cottontail Creek Rabbitry!!

The whole process was super easy and we got a cute bunny in the end!! He’s playful, energetic, and loving and the whole fam loves him! If you’re in need for a rabbit definitely go to Cottontail Creek Rabbitry!!

Aidan - Villa Park, Illinois

23 May 2020