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We love our sweet bunny. She is the perfect addition to our family. She is friendly, so soft, energetic, and healthy. The deluxe kit provided all needed food and accessories which made the bunny’s transition to our home so seamless. We love the bowl, waterer, and litter box that comes with the deluxe kit. We recommend getting your bunny and supplies from Cottontail Creek Rabbitry.

Karen - West Dundee IL

28 January 2021

Sheldon and Jasmine (renamed Florence) have been living with us since December. They bring us so much joy everyday, especially during Covid! They are very clean animals who do their business in their litter boxes.
We take them out in their playpen once or twice a week for fresh air at the park across the street where they get tons of attention. (Those dog people sure get jealous!) I highly recommend that if you get one rabbit you get two. They need a friend and can be quite funny together in how they groom each other and fall asleep next to each other, often using each other as pillows.
Beth has been great answering all our questions and advising us along the way. She even helped set up their spaying and neutering procedures. Her bunnies are well taken care of and healthy, not to mention beautiful. I feel much better having gone to her than some big box pet store. With Beth you get personalized service for your special bunny—she knows all her bunnies’ personalities and characteristics and helps you choose the right bunny.

George - Chicago, IL

28 January 2021

It's been 9 days since we picked up our baby girl. She has a wonderful, loving personality and is very healthy. We've been bunny parents for the past 30 years and this is far and away one of the best experiences we've had. Cottontail Creek is a top notch rabbitry! 

Jim Tepper

31 July 2020

The whole process was super easy and we got a cute bunny in the end!! He’s playful, energetic, and loving and the whole fam loves him! If you’re in a need for a rabbit definitely go to Cottontail Creek Rabbitry!!

Aidan - Villa Park, Illinois

23 May 2020

I bought a buck from this rabbitry last year and I am still so thankful to the owner of the amazing business. She is still quick to respond to any questions I have about my boy since I was a first time bunny owner. If I ever were to get another one, I would certainly go straight here. Or to anyone who needs a furry friend added to their home, I would certainly recommend coming here.

Alexis - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

8 May 2020

I've never had bunnies before but I thought one would make a great emotional support pet for my 11 yr old daughter. After doing some research and looking for a reputable breeder, I settled on Cottontail Creek. Beth was very warm and welcoming with her initial correspondence with me. 

When the litter was born she allowed us to come pick out our bunny and we couldn't help but get two! Once they were old enough they came home. Beth sent progress pictures/updates along the way. Any questions I've had along the way Beth has been very prompt to respond. We have two males and they have both been neutered to avoid territorial conflicts. They are doing great and make such wonderful pets. 

Stephanie - Munster, Indiana

1 May 2020

I recently adopted two does from Beth. She helped me pair two mates that would fit into our family best. Beth was very quick to respond to all my questions & concerns. She made the process very easy for me from payment, to pick up, to how to potty train the bunnies. 

The bunnies are adapting well to our home (that has a toddler & adult cat) thanks to the helpful advice of Beth. I truly feel that Beth cares deeply for her bunnies & I trust her breeding process. Thank you Beth for our beautiful bunnies! We are in love. 

Holly - Bloomington, Illinois

17 April 2020

We're so happy we found Cottontail Creek Rabbitry. We just love our 2 new additions to our family. Payment, choosing the bunnies, pickup, information given and of course the sweet healthy lil new friends we have...made the process pleasant and smooth. Would highly recommend this rabbitry.

Khara - Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

2 April 2020

“I purchased a doe and buck from Cottontail Creek. They are both extremely friendly and social. Both adapted well to their new environment and litter trained within 48 hour hours of coming home. They are my first rabbits and I am thankful I went through Cottontail Creek for them. 

From when I chose them to when I picked them up I was able to get continual updates and pictures of them. It was worth the drive to get my sweet baby buns. I still am in weekly contact with them to send pictures and my questions are always answered quickly. They’ll be getting my lifelong bunny business.”

Nicole - Hartland, Wisconsin

24 March 2020