Cottontail Creek Bunny Deluxe Kit


Product Description

The Cottontail Creek Rabbitry Bunny Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to take care of your bunny when you first bring your bunny home.

What’s included in the Bunny Deluxe Kit

Rabbit food

Your new furry friend will be happy and healthy eating the Small Pet Select and Manna Pro pellets. These are the same as s/he was used to eating at the rabbitry. Similarly, the fresh hay s/he had enjoyed munching on here at the rabbitry (Alfalfa, Oat, Orchard and Timothy 2nd Cut) is sure to be a welcome treat when your bunny settles into his/her new living quarters.  There’s no need to transition your bunny to a new brand of pellet food or hay, which often times can create stress and cause it to not eat at all. In addition, the hay sampler bags allow you to find out which are your favorites too.

First Aid

As a precaution, in case your bunny ever gets sick or seems lethargic, we’ve included the Sherwood Emergency Recovery Food. This helps to boost your bunny’s energy and vitals until you can take him to the vet.

Creature comforts

We’ve also included all natural toys and a plush, handmade resting mat to nuzzle into for naps. As a result, your bunny will feel cosy and cared for.

Birth certificate

No addition of a new family member would be complete without a Birth Certificate. Therefore our kit includes a special commemorative record of your bunny’s birthday, its color and who its parents are.

Feeding & Litter Training items

The Bunny Deluxe kit also includes the feeding items (water bottle, food crock and hay rack) and litter training items (litter box and substrate) that s/he had been using at the rabbitry. These make the transition to its new home much smoother and stress-free for both you and your new bunny.


We have included the Small Pet Select hair buster comb to use when your bunny is shedding or needs grooming . This means your resident furball can look as dashing as possible at all times!

Includes everything in the Bunny Starter Kit:

  • Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Based Pellets (1 lb)
  • Small Pet Select Hay:- Alfalfa, Oat, Orchard and Timothy 2nd Cut (1 lb)
  • Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Cubes (1/2 lb)
  • Sherwood Recovery Food (1 sachet)
  • All Natural Chew Toy Item (Item will vary from pictured)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Cottontail Creek Rabbitry handmade Plush Resting Mat (Approximately 18 inches x 13 inches.  Colors and materials will vary from pictured).
  • Cottontail Creek plaque not included.



  • Choco Nose no-drip Bottle with easy clip (color varies)
  • Choco Nose clip-on Crock (color varies)
  • RubyHome Corner Litter Box with metal grate (clips onto sides of cage and aids with litter box training)
  • Mkono Hay Feeder/Hay Rack – screws onto side of wire cage
  • Small Pet Select All Natural Pine Litter Pellets (1 lb) – substrate for litter box
  • Small Pet Select Hair Buster Grooming Comb

Aditional Information

Weight 7 lbs


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