Welcome to Marble

February 11, 2021
What a gorgeous Black Magpie our herd doe Marble is! She has such a sweet and gentle disposition. She loves posing for and being cuddled by anyone who will pay attention to her. Marble is a Vienna Carrier and has lilac, chocolate and sable magpie behind her.  She also carries Harlequin, shown by her distinct […]

Welcome to Chase

February 8, 2021
Chase is one of Demi’s offspring and a descendant from our foundation buck, Bouncer. He is a Vienna Marked Blue Eye Blue Tort Buck. We really love his Vienna gene markings and white “socks”. We hope he will help produce some stunning Vienna Marked babies and they inherit his laid back and gentle but playful […]

Welcome to Clementine

January 24, 2021
Clementine is a beautiful and big orange doe. She is such a good mom and always takes wonderful care of her little ones. She carries Dombrowskee, JC Critters and CR&DB winning lines, and is a wonderful addition to our wideband breeding program.

Welcome to Jamboree

January 23, 2021
Welcome to our newest member of our herd does, Jamboree. This little broken black tort is such a nicely typed doe with excellent width, bone and muscle mass. Jamboree has a very sweet and gentle personality too. From Dream Bunnies and Maple Ridge lines, she carries chocolate and is sure to make some stunning and […]

Welcome to Eclipse

August 8, 2020
Eclipse will be one year old this September and is our latest tort herd doe. She is a chunk of a Holland Lop out of Maple Ridge’s Mufasa and Rose Farm’s Noel, carrying Camelot, Dubois and DTL lines.  She’s got a very wide chest, nice top line, thick bone and poses extremely nicely.  With her […]

Welcome to the herd Destiny!

August 2, 2020
If this be my Destiny…! Meet our newest doe that has joined our breeding herd. Destiny is a young senior and a broken tort doe. She is a beauty out of Hertz Holland’s Tinkerbelle and Maple Ridge’s Mufasa. With extremely well typed rabbits in her lineage, we’re excited for her to produce some great looking […]

Welcome to Cascade!

June 12, 2020
Welcoming our newest brood doe to our Rabbitry herd – Cascade! She is a beautiful broken tort who comes from showing winning lines and has a very sweet and playful personality. She comes from Camelot & Dubois lines and both her and her mother have done very well on the show table receiving first place […]

Name our newest bunny

June 9, 2020
Help! I need a name! Meet our newest junior tort buck that we’ve added to our breeding herd! We need your help to give him a name! Click on over to our Facebook page to add your suggestion(s). We’ll be announcing it at the end of the month!

Toast is for sale

June 7, 2020
UPDATED: SOLD – Gone home on 11 June 2020. Proven Cream Holland Lop Buck. It’s time for Toast to retire from breeding and go to his furever home where he can relax and be loved on.  Toast has been one of our beloved breeding bucks since we first started. We’ve had many fond memories and he […]